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TRACER IV R 17 XTREME 200 (Don’t click until you read the review)

This is one of those reviews that’s truly a mixed bag. On the one hand, the computing power is marvelous. On the other hand, it fails the test of simple use, due to weak plastic keys and utter lack of support from CyberPowerPC.

I bought my Tracer on 5/19/21 for $1242. I used it a few times, and asked tech support to help me change the keyboard colors. It took them 3 months to get back to me, and they answered me by telling me to use the software that I told them I had already tried in my tech support submission. I asked again, and waited another month to get a pat answer that didn’t at all help me. At that point, I let it go, and for reasons not related to the laptop, I put it away for nearly 10 months.

When I began using it again in May 2022, I was still frustrated by the keyboard color issue, but had no faith that they’d help so I didn’t submit another ticket about that. The power of the machine is great. I can stream live Minecraft with no issues, even on WiFi. I can get my graphic work done with InDesign, Photoshop and CorelDraw open all at one time, while streaming Netflix or youtube in the background.

The screen is clear, and responsive to all graphics I threw at it. The colors are off, but I’ll get to that later.

The keyboard is nice to type on. It types quietly, even when my fingernails hit the rubbery plastic keys. No tipity tap or clickety clack. The color behind the keys is changeable, and goes bright enough during the day that it can still be seen in a pretty bright room.

Unfortunately, within 3 weeks of use, the number 3 key above W E broke. Then a week later, the S key broke. I’ve used 3 laptops in the past, for years, and never had a key break. I’m not hard on my machines, and they don’t travel. I don’t slam the lid, I don’t type hard, and I don’t have tantrums on the keys. I contacted CyberPower and asked for the price on replacement keys. They responded by telling me that I’m a week out of warranty and they could do nothing. I replied by telling them that’s why I asked for a PRICE. Hint hint, I’m aware that I would need to pay for them. They didn’t reply. I sent another request, and got the same pat answer. I called. They said they can’t help me, because I’m out of warranty. I called again, and the guy told me that it’s “Tong Fang” and maybe I can find something on ebay. Even though that answer was maddening, I did just that. I found a keyboard, but not replacement keys. It’s a complicated procedure to put on an entirely new keyboard, so that’s on hold for now.

The keys will somewhat snap on, because there’s still 3 out of 4 of the “hooks” that aren’t broken, but it only takes a few soft taps for them to bounce off again. It’s very easy to get derailed by this, making it too hard to work or play for any length of time. My $1200 computer is now used mostly for watching YT or NF and doing some graphic work when it’s majority mouse use.

Since I get different answers every time I contact CyberPower Support, I sent another request yesterday, asking where I can buy the keys. Again, they didn’t answer the actual question, but rather they told me they don’t sell them, and they are called Tong Fang, and contact them. But they didn’t give any contact information. I remain unconvinced that they don’t know exactly where to source parts if they are selling the machines, and possibly assembling them.

Because the S key is so important in every sentence, saving, and gaming, I can’t function on the keyboard with it broken. I have also contacted Tong Fang corporation and am waiting for their reply.

Interspersed with the key caps issue, is the color of the screen. The pink is orchid. The neon green is dusty kelly green. I contacted Cyberpower support about this several times and got the same non-answer answers, telling me to change drivers and restore points on windows, etc. None of which worked, so I am unable to finalize graphic images for clients or color correct video editing. This renders the computer useless for my most important tasks from which I earn a living. I still do some of the work on my laptop, but have to finish on my desktop system at work. I can get a powerful laptop computer with the same stats for under $800 now, from a company that stands behind their systems. When I do, I’ll post a new review.

The bottom line is, they don’t stand behind their products, and their tech support reps refuse to be helpful in any meaningful way.

Leah’s review: CRAP. AVOID CYBERPOWER PC AT ALL COSTS. Not just this laptop, avoid the entire company. I have additional reviews in the works about their desktop machines also.

If you’ve had experience with CyberPower you’d like to share, please comment below. Non-related topics will be deleted.

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