Rating Systems


  1. Price I paid and my initial evaluation of value for price.
  2. Shipping speed, if applicable. Did it come on time?
  3. Packaging. Product safety, privacy and unboxing experience.
  4. Key features
    1. Intended use, how I used it and what I thought about it
    2. Other uses, details or issues not mentioned by seller/manufacturer
    3. Does it meet stated specs & photos?
  5. Pros & Cons
    1. Overall quality
    2. Competitor comparison, if applicable
    3. Limitations
  6. Conclusion, recommendation & rating
  7. Updates may come later regarding product longevity and value

If you have additional criteria, please send me a message and I will update the review with your points as soon as possible.


  1. Type of service: Drive through, deli, sit-down, other