Filiberto’s Mexican Food – Tacos

I had a Sunday-night craving for tacos (let’s not kid ourselves, this happens to me on any given day of the week), so we ran over to Filiberto’s. The taco shells are fried flour that’s different than most I’ve tried, and they are pretty amazing. I know from experience to order tacos without lettuce, for three reasons; First, lettuce makes them soggy, secondly, you usually end up with a bit more cheese that way, and lastly, hot lettuce tastes like paper (to me). bleh. This time, I was caught up in my duolingo Spanish lesson while waiting and forgot to check my order before I drove out. I went home, got my drink, kicked my shoes off, setup my current netflix binge show, and I open the box to a soggy mess. What a bummer.

Note the ticket shows NO lettuce, but bam, there it is, inside, in between both tacos and surrounding them. Also, sadly, there was hardly any cheese, either. It’s like lettuce-palooza in there! By the time I got to the 2nd taco, the shell fell completely apart, too soggy to pick up. You can see the paper underneath is drenched.

I’m not about to blow my daily carb allotment (ok cheat, you caught me) on something soggy that should be crunchy, so I threw them away and mixed meat, cheese, salsa and lettuce so it felt a bit more like a taco salad, sans the shell. Not what I wanted, but I made the best of it.

If this were my initial experience with Filiberto’s I might be turned off enough to not return. But, it’s not my first Filiberodeo. 🙂 So despite tonight’s crunch fail, I will still return to Filiberto’s. The portions are plentiful, the salsa (you have to go inside to get) is freakin delicious and they hardly ever mess up orders. The beef has a great texture, although I think it could do with some seasoning, but the salsa does a fine job of making it delicious. The taco shells are also fabulous when they aren’t soggy.

If you like the lettuce, ask for it on the side. It’s fresh and crunchy. They have a good selection of salsas too, 2 of them are way too hot for this taco-addict, but you should try them all.

When I called to tell them about the issue, she was polite, apologetic and offered me a freebie next time I come in. Which I consider great customer service. You own your mistake, apologize and offer compensation and move on. That’s how you keep a customer.

My overall rating of Filiberto’s is LOVE IT. Tonight’s experience was LUKE-WARM. I recommend you try them, and if you have any special requests with your order, check your food before you drive away. ENJOY!!


  1. Location – 635 E. Wetmore, Tucson, AZ 85705
  2. Date / Time – 10/09/22, 6pm
  3. Food Ordered – 2 tacos, without lettuce
  4. Customer Service – great
  5. Speed of service – a bit slow
  6. Accuracy – Off enough to ruin the crunch
  7. Quality / Taste – Pretty good
  8. Quantity / Value – Quite good.
  9. Consistency – Mostly consistent

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